Property and Legal demystifies the complex legislative and regulatory environment in negotiating facility contracts.

Telecommunications Leasing and Site Access

The legislative and regulatory environment for carriers and landowners is complex. Whilst carriers are afforded some significant rights and immunities under the Telecommunications Act, we understand the various obligations which carriers must comply with and other balancing protection for landowners and occupiers. We are up to date with the changing commercial drivers, legislative and regulatory practices and the impact of technology on telecommunications leasing and site access.

Industry Experience

Principal David Pyne has been actively involved in the telco industry for nearly two decades. He has reviewed or negotiated literally thousands of rooftop and tower leases and co-location agreements as National Legal and Regulatory Manager of a cellsite acquisitions company, and Legal Counsel at Hutchison Telecom, and whilst acting for carriers including Vodafone, Austar, Optus and Telstra.

He has advised landowners including rural farmers and agribusiness, strata bodies corporate, syndicated property trusts, hotel operators, and small businesses as to negotiating appropriate tenure and access rights.

In addition, he has acted in an advisory capacity at the mobile carriers forum, published numerous articles and presented at industry seminars as an expert speaker.

Next Generation – 5G Networks

As the telecommunications industry looks to meet the insatiable appetite of its consumers for data and speed, we are seeing the birth of the next generation of mobile networks in Australia and globally.

In order to efficiently complement existing network frameworks and meet this demand, the infrastructure will become more complex – dealing with high volumes of small cell implementations. As a result, there are many implications and issues associated with this new technology if it is to be delivered effectively and affordably.

Property and Legal understand both the issues and carrier powers and immunities, positioning us well to understand and prepare for the potential impact of new infrastructure requirements. We know the importance of careful planning and management to ensure compliance, and are skilled at properly crafting facility tenure documentation that will safeguard existing assets and future-proof 5G expansion plans.

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Carriers and infrastructure owners

As base station leases entered into in the late 1990s continue to expire, we recognise there is an increasing need to have tenure and rights properly crafted to address the current commercial landscape and problems that technological advances such as 5G may bring.

Property and Legal understands the importance of well-designed facility tenure documentation to safeguard the existing portfolio and future expansion plans of carriers. We have the knowledge and processes to ensure properly structured documentation is delivered efficiently and correctly.


Property and Legal provides expert advice and guidance in navigating leasing and land access negotiations. Landowners entrust us in handling all documentation for new sites, renewals and lease expirations.

We understand the site selection process from the carrier’s perspective and can explain why not all sites are equal and different issues may arise for new potential deals.

David and his team routinely advise clients in regards to rights relating to LAAN (land
access and activity notices) and other statutory rights, powers and importantly obligations.

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