Property and Legal understand the issues impacting efficient rollout of 5G technology, and are working with key players in developing smarter cities for the future.

5G is coming.

As the telecommunications industry looks towards the next generation of technology in 5G, Councils in Australian urban areas are being approached by Mobile Network Operators (MNO) as they prepare for 5G and small cell network rollouts.

In order to efficiently complement existing network frameworks, small cell implementation will need to be a sound investment for carriers and Councils alike. To properly address the issues, there needs to be an understanding of carrier powers and immunities, as well as the potential impact of the new infrastructure requirements.

Just some of the considerations include:

  • Low cost – As reach is scaled down to a small radius area, cost per user will be higher.
  • Consolidated management and remote maintenance – Necessary to manage the huge number of small cells being deployed.
  • Appearance restrictions – Being in highly visible areas, must be able to meet any restrictions by landowners.
  • Weather-proof and touch-safe – Being  able to withstand human activity/contact and weather.


“The challenge is how to best integrate multiple technologies within existing networks, leverage current assets, and keep costs under control during the evolution of new 5G networks.”


Property & Legal are at the forefront of providing clear and expert advice to the telco industry. We know the importance of properly crafted facility tenure documentation designed to safeguard existing assets and future-proofs expansion plans.

  • We understand both the various obligations which carriers must comply with, and balancing protections for landowners and occupiers.
  • We are up to date with the changing commercial drivers, legislative and regulatory practices and the impact of technology on telco site leasing and access.
  • We recognise there is an increasing need to address the current commercial landscape and any potential problems that technological advances such as 5G may bring, and are well positioned to advise on these issues.



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